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Agapanthus collection

Agapanthus Miniature varieties:-
Agapanthus 'Peter Pan'

Evergreen miniature variety forming the most compact of all the agapanthus. Foliage mounds to 15cm tall and 30cm wide. Mid-blue flowers on spikes to 30cm. Flowers in mid-summer
Agapanthus 'streamline'

A very good repeat flowering variety more compact than A. 'Baby Blue', but well suited to smaller gardens. Light blue flowers will repeat throughout the year. Foliage height & width to 30cm.
Agapanthus 'Tinkerbelle'

Soft variegated foliage on a plant grown for leaf colour alone as this variety rarely flowers. Small mounds to about 20cm height/width

Agapanthus Dwarf & Semi-Dwarf varieties:-
Agapanthus 'Albo Roseus Compacta'

Dwarf pink flowering variety on a small compact plant. The petals are predominantly white with soft pink tips; becoming darker with age. Height 40cm Width 40cm
Agapanthus 'Baby Blue'

Popular repeat flowering variety with soft mauve-blue petals. Slender foliage mounds growing broader than tall.
Height 40cm Width 60cm
Agapanthus 'Ice Crystal'

Arching deep-green foliage mounds on this late-summer, white flowering variety. A very attractive & tidy looking plant producing very little seed.
Height 40cm Width 40cm
Agapanthus 'Bass Blue'

A compact variety with glossy foliage to 20cm. In mid summer large mid-blue flowers emerge on a short spike to 40cm.
Height 40cm Width 40cm
Agapanthus 'Snow White'

Prolific flowering variety. Lush strappy foliage mounds are covered all spring & summer with pure-white flowers on a stalk to about 60cm.
Height 60cm Width 60cm
Agapanthus praecox plenus

A true sterile form which does not produce a seed pod. Broad strappy leaves to about 3cm wide are happy in sun or shade. In early summer a short flower spike develops to about 60cm and deep-ish blue double petalled flowers emerge from a bulbous looking cluster.
Height 60cm Width 60cm
Agapanthus 'snowflake'

The smallest white perpetual flowering variety we grow. Small compact foliage mounds grow to about 20cm tall and pure white flowers to 40cm high are present throughout the year. Our biggest selling plant by far !
Height 40cm Width 40cm
Agapanthus 'adelaide'

Compact foliage mounds to 40cm tall. The soft blue petals with distinctive white throats on this variety have a very open star-like habit.
Height 60cm Width 60cm
Agapanthus 'Olinda'

A vigorous clump forming plant ideally suited to growing under trees and difficult positions. Soft silky-blue flowers are produced in great abundance in early summer.
Height 70cm Width 70cm
Agapanthus 'Queen Anne'

Slender deep-green foliage is adorned with silky-mauve blue flowers in early summer.
Height 70cm Width 70cm

Agapanthus Standard & Giant varieties:-
Agapanthus 'Albo Roseus'

Unusual pink-tipped variety. Upright light-green foliage mounds eventually grow to about 60cm. The unusual upward facing flower clusters are predominantly white but are tipped with pink shades.
Height 80cm Width 60cm 
Agapanthus 'Dutch Blue Giant'

The most spectacular of all Agapanthus; this variety is big in every respect ! Lush foliage growth will develop into large clumps about 1m tall and across. In mid-summer masses of vertical dark-green & purple flower spikes emerge and will reach a height of over 6 feet. The very deep inky-blue flower petals are pendulus in habit.
Height 200cm Width 100cm
Agapanthus 'Getty White'

A good cultivar with broad upright foliage, and a very large clear white 'snowball' flower to 90cm.
Height 90cm Width 70cm
Agapanthus campanulatus evergreen

A very attractive evergreen plant with slender strappy leaves and a tidy appearance. In mid-summer sky-blue flowers (without the common mauve colouration) are produced and are of a very even flowering height. A much tidier plant than the common agapanthus.
Height 80cm Width 80cm
Agapanthus 'Stormy River'

Broad round-tipped foliage give this variety a different appearance but the pale-grey coloured flower is the eye catching part of this plant,
Height 80cm Width 70cm
Agapanthus 'Mount Thomas'

Semi-evergreen and an altogether different looking plant to most agapanthus. The pale green-grey foliage has rounded tips and is best in a partially shaded environment. The deepish blue flower head has a very distinctive rounded shape. Height 70cm Width 60cm
Agapanthus 'Wavy Navy'

A good performing deep-blue repeat flowering variety, but not as tall as 'Dutch Blue Giant'.
Height 80cm Width 70cm
Agapanthus praecox orientalis

The good-old fashioned, standard aggie. Blue & white flowered varieties. Foliage mounds to 70cm and flower spikes to 100cm.

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