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Other Perennials

Achillea 'Cherry Ripe'

A compact form predominantly evergreen with soft fern-like foliage. In spring stiff upright flower spikes develop and deep cherry-red flowers are produced in time for summer. This variety maintains a small clumping habit.

Height 0.4m Width 0.4m
Achillea 'Coronation Gold'

A spectacular silver foliaged variety with soft upright fern-like leaves. It has a clump forming growth habit and will therefore not spread like some yarrows. In spring stiff upright flower spikes develop and large, flat, bright yellow flowers are produced. A very eye-catching perennial. It can be cut down to the ground at the end of summer and new foliage will re-emerge before winter.

Height 0.6m Width 0.4m 
Aristea major

Strappy dark-green foliage makes manageable sized clumps to around 1m tall in fully exposed positions. In spring multiple flower spikes emerge and spectacular deep-blue flowers open in succession on sunny days. When complete these blooms form strong architectural looking seed pods remaining until the end of summer.

Height 1.5m Width 0.9m
Arthropodium cirrhatum

(New Zealand Rock Lily) A desirable plant as much for its adaptability as for the lush strappy foliage produced in a short period. Broad, strappy & tropical in its foliage appearance this plant will thrive in dry, shaded areas as well as in full sun. Quickly growing to maturity multiple flower spikes emerge from the broad clumps in early spring. Atop these spikes are large clusters of pure-white flowers marked with a claret-coloured back. If it's foliage is ever to be damaged, it can be cut to the ground and new growth will emerge within weeks.

Height 1.0m Width 1.0m
Ceratostigma plumbaginoides

A deciduous, spreading perennial with upright, slender red stems and bright-green wavy margined leaves growing to a height around 40cm. The deep blue plumbago-like flowers are produced in late summer and as autumn approaches the whole bush becomes red-tinted. A great colourful & spreading plant which will fill gaps in garden beds.

Height 0.4m Width 1.0m
Dianella caerulea

An evergreen spreading perennial with arching strap-like leaves to around 1m. During spring & summer this native plant bears clusters of star-shaped pale blue flowers followed by glossy 'jelly-bean-purple' berries. Thrives in sunny & partly shaded positions.

Height 1.0m Width 1.0+m
Dianthus 'Doris'

A fully hardy, evergreen perennial forming a compact mound of scented, double, pale-pink flowers with dark pink centres. The soft silver-grey foliage looks attractive year round.

Height 0.20m Width 0.3m
Dianthus - double pink cultivar

A very prostrate and matt forming cultivar with soft double pink flowers to around 10cm tall. The strong clove scented flowers are displayed well against the striking silver-grey foliage mounds.

Height 0.10m Width 0.30m
Dierama pulcherrimum

(Fairy's fishing rod) Thin grass-like leaves to around 1.2m tall are produced on this evergreen clump-forming perennial. In summer, long slender arching flower spikes emerge and are topped by a succession of pendant bell-shaped soft pink flowers reaching to over 2.0m height. A very attractive display for the back of garden beds.

Height 2.0m Width 1.0m
Dietes bicolor

The yellow flowered form of dietes has more slender arching foliage than D. grandiflora. The overall effect is softer and the butter-yellow flowers continue for throughout the year.

Height 1.0m Width 1.0m
Dietes grandiflora

This evergreen rhizomatous perennial is commonly used in streetscape plantings because of its hardiness. It is almost indestructible and flowers prolifically throughout the year. Stiff upright foliage mounds to around 1m are topped by multiple spikes of iris-like white flowers with purple and yellow splotches. Will be happy in sun or shade.The smaller version Dietes iridioides is the same in all parts but marginally shorter.

Height 1.3m Width 1.0m
Geranium incanum

This matt forming bushy perennial has very attractive deep green filigree type foliage to around 20cm tall. A super tough plant for hot-dry spots producing soft-purple-mauve flowers throughout summer & autumn.

Height 0.2m Width 0.4m
Libertia grandiflora

Clump-forming rhizomatous perennial with upright, leathery mid-green foliage to around 0.6m. Best grown in part-shaded areas, it is primarly grown for the profusion of small white flowers in spring and early summer.

Height 0.9m Width 0.6m
Ophiopogon japonicus

Good old fashioned mondo-grass. A small grow anywhere grass-like perennial happy in sun, shade, wet, dry or whatever conditions you have. Spreading foliage mounds grow to about 15cm tall and slowly spread to cover a goos size area.

Height 0.15m Width 0.5m+ 
Ophiopogon planiscapus 'Nigrescens'

Black mondo-grass is an evergreen, rhizomatous perennial ideally suited to partly shady areas. Its dense tufts of grass-like foliage will form a thick ground cover in time to around 10cm tall. Short bell-shaped, pale purplish white flowers are produced within the foliage mounds in summer & autumn.

Height 0.2m Width 0.4m
Orthrosanthus multiflorus

A small grass-like perennial with narrow, upright and tidy foliage mounds to around 60cm tall. In early spring slender stalks produce a succession of open saucer-shaped sky-blue flowers.

Height 0.8m Width 0.3m
Perovskia atriplicifolia 'Blue Spire'

This form of the russian sage has a twiggy upright habit clothed in deeply divided aromatic silver-grey foliage to around 1m tall. In mid summer the entire plant becomes covered in small lavender-blue flowers for many months. Likes a hot, dry position.

Height 1.2m Width 0.4m
Phormium 'Maori Maiden'

Strappy foliaged perennials. This variety has pink & bronze margined foliage producing an occasional flower spike with deep red tubular shaped petals.

Height 1m Width 1m
Phormium cookianum

A good compact clump forming species with stiff upright mid-green foliage. In spring & summer multiple flower spikes are topped by earthy-yellow tubular flowers. Once finished, the seed pods turn black and continue to remain showy for many months.

Height 1.5m Width 1.2m
Phormium 'Maori Chief'

A tall red & bronze margined flax with good upright form. The foliage will eventually reach around 1.8m.

Height 1.8m Width 1m
Phormium 'Surfer Boy'

One of the hardiest of all the flax's, this variety is less inclined to be tip-burned in extreme heat. Stiff upright green & bronzed variegated foliage to around 1m tall. In summer, tall deep-red tubular flowers are produced on spikes up to 1.5m.

Height 1.5m Width 0.8m
Phormium 'Jester'

Very attractive pink & green variegated flax growing to around 1.5m tall. This variety has a soft arching habit and looks attractive in pots or in beds.

Height 1.5m Width 1m
Tulbaghia violacea

(Society garlic) A long flowering and easy to grow perennial with compact grey-green foliage mounds to around 20cm tall. For many months a prolific display of fragrant lilac-coloured flowers are produced. Will happily grow in full sun or part shade.

Height 0.5m Width 0.4m 
Verbena bonariensis

A very stiff upright clump-forming perennial with rough branching stems bearing few lance shaped dark wrinkled leaves. Tall panicle like stems are produced from spring to autumn and are a good deep lilac-purple colour. A great plant to add height and longevity of colour in the garden. Very tough. Can be cut back hard in Autumn.

Height 1.5m+ Width 0.5m 

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