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Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Artemisia arborescens.

Upright, evergreen shrub with aromatic, fern-like silvery-white foliage.

Height 1m Width 1m
Artemisia frigida.

Small compact shrub with heavily disected silver aromatic foliage.

Height 0.5m Width 0.5m
Ballota pseudodictamnus 'nana'

Small, mound-forming subshrub with soft silver felted leaves. Late spring early summer flower spikes emerge from mounds with insignificant soft mauve-pink petals.
Ideal in hot & dry positions.

Height 0.5m Width 0.5m
Bergenia cordifolia

Small 'cabbage like' shrub. Plate sized foliage of deep green leaves thriving in deep- to light-shade. Tolerates full sun (but better suited to shady spots). Producing soft pink flowers on short stems in middle winter. An indestructible plant from old time gardens.

Height 0.3m Width 0.3m
Convolvulus cneorum

Compact flowering shrub for hot dry positions. Soft silver foliage grows quickly into a tidy mound topped with open clear white flowers throughout the year. Needs a full sun position.
Height 0.3m Width 0.3m
Correa alba

Native shrub adaptable to many positions. Soft foliaged plant with small rounded leaves: soft white and green appearance. Responds well to regular clipping and will grow to nice round mounds if given such treatment. Small white flowers throughout the year. Grows anywhere from sand-dunes to heavy clay loams.

Height 1.5m Width 1.5m
Correa relexa 'Dusky Bells'

Lush looking native shrub. Dark green glossy foliage on a very tough plant suitable for full sun- to part-shade positions. Responds well to clipping and hedging. Masses of soft pink-red flowers throughout winter and early spring.

Height 1.5m Width 1m
Correa reflexa nummularifolia

Semi-prostrate shrub with small rounded leaves ; soft green and white appearnce. A prostrate growth giving the plant a ground-covering habit. Soft lime-green to yellow flowers throughout the year make this a great shrub for any position.

Height 0.3m Width 1m
Dodonea viscosa purpurea

(Purple leaved Hop bush) A vigorous upright to spreading tall shrub. Attractive glossy leathery leaves with a strong purple colour make this a desirable shrub for background planting or a quick growing informal hedge. A tough plant capable of thriving in drought and exposure to wind, salt & atmospheric pollution.

Height 3m Width 2m
Echium candicans

Rosette forming evergreen shrub producing striking spikes of conical shaped mauve-blue flowers in spring & summer. Grows very quickly and will produce dozens of spikes in the driest conditions.

Height 2.0m Width 1.5 - 2.0m
Erodium glandulosum 'Spanish Eyes'

Small fern-like subshrub with finely disected foliage mounds. Produces mauve-pink 'geranium-like' flowers continuously throughout the year. Tough and easy to grow in any open sunny position.

Height 0.3m Width 0.3m
Erysimum (dwarf cultivar)

A small mounding sub-shrub growing to around 30cm tall. The evergreen leaves are compact and tidy and the whole plant is covered in small yellow flowers throughout spring. A light annual trim will do it no harm.

Height 0.3m Width 0.4m
Escallonia Dwarf Pink

Beautiful dark-green glossy foliage set off by red-coloured stems make this a very desirable medium sized shrub. A great substitute for azaleas but completely drought tolerant. Bright pink flowers emerge throughout the year. Can be clipped in to a very tight and tidy hedge or left to grow into its natural bun shape.

Height 1m Width 1m
Escallonia macrantha

Broad glossy attractive foliage on this quick growing shrub make this plant ideal for informal hedging / screening. Throughout spring and summer clusters of pinkish-red flowers are produced. Will thrive in fully exposed coastal positions.

Height 3m Width 2m 
Escallonia 'Iveyi'

Attractive glossy dark green foliage on a tall shrub to 3m. This quick growing plant makes a beautiful hedge and is completely resiliant to full exposure. Produces fragrant white flower clusters throughout summer & autumn.

Height 3m Width 2m
Euphorbia characias wulfennii

Stand-out winter flowering mid-sized shrub. Blu-green foliage with sulphur-yellow flower bracts in mid-winter. A tough shrub for any soil; sand to clay and sun to shade.

Height 1m Width 1m
Euphorbia rigida

Eye-catching small shrub with unusual spiked silver foliage 'whirling' up the stems on a compact and tidy plant. In mid-winter sulphur yellow flower bracts emerge above the foliage, and slowy turn to a coral-pink-red colour in summer. Thrives in hot, dry,sunny positions.

Height 0.5m Widht 0.5m
Halimium lasianthum

A small woody shrub suited to hot-dry areas. This silver foliaged plant is best given a light annual trim to keep it compact and tidy. In spring & summer the whole plant is covered in masses of 5cm wide bright-yellow saucer shaped flowers.

Height 1m Width 1m 
Helichrysum petiolare

Indestructible glowing-silver shrub to grow anywhere. Small felted silver leaves provide great contrast to darker foliaged plants. Thrives in full sun or shade. Responds well to regular clipping.

Height 1.5m Width 1.5m
Laurus nobilis (Bay Tree)

Large evergreen shrub or small tree valued for their glossy aromatic foliage, often used in cooking, and their adaptability to most growing conditions. Will eventually grow into a tall dense hedge if clipped annually, but they are just as effective grown in a container and clipped into attractive dome shaped specimens.

Height 5m Width 3m
Lavendula dentata

French lavender. A perennial favourite of gardeners due to its repeat flowering throughout the year and its strong aromatic floiage.

Height 1m Width 1m
Lavendula dentata 'Royal Crown'

Green foliaged form of French Lavender. The purple flowers stand out more prominantly in this variety than the standard form of dentata.

Height 1m Width 1m
Lavandula stoechas 'Avonview'

Popular repeat flowering variety. The prominant purple flower bracts are produced throughout the year over a soft green foliage mounds.

Height 1m Width 1m
Lepechinia salviae

Aromatic shrub with striking spear-shaped foliage. Soft textured leaves up to 15cm long produced on stiff stems to 1m.Grape-purple flowers from late summer to winter. A mounding habit. Best cut to ground in late winter.

Height 1.5m Width 1m
Leucophyta brownii

(Cushion Bush) Native shrub with striking silver 'twiggy foliage' mounds. Growing from sand dunes to heavy soils and happiest in full sun.

Height 1m Width 1m
Limonium perezii

Perennial Sea Statice. Evergreen rounded foliage mounds to 40cm tall producing masses of blue, mauve and white flowers almost continuously. An ideal coastal plant for full sun. Loves hot-dry positions.

Height 0.5m Width 0.4m
Myrtus communis ssp. tarantina compacta

A compact dwarf myrtle with attractive dark green aromatic foliage and masses of claret-tipped flower buds opening to lovely white scented petals. A better drought tolerant substitute to box hedges, this plant can be clipped into formal hedges, small bun shaped domes or left to grow into a small informal shrub.

Height 0.5m Width 0.5m
Nerium oleander

Evergreen large shrub to small tree grown for their large colourful flower clusters and tough grow-anywhere nature. Lance shaped mid-green foliage can be trimmed into an informal screen / hedge and will withstand full coastal exposure and drought. All parts of oleander are poisonous if ingested. Pure white and soft pink flowered varieties are available.

Height 4m Width 3m
Olea europaea (Olive)

Well known tough Mediterranean large shrub or small tree. Evergreen leathery leaves grey-green in colour producing insignificant flowers but plentiful in fruit. Can be grown as a speciman tree or clipped into a hardy drought tolerant hedge.

Height 5m Width 4m
Plectranthus argentatus

Broad soft-textured silver foliaged native shrub happy growing in sun or shade. This medium sized shrub will grow in very difficult positions and provides some great bright contrasts to other dark leaved specimens.

Height 1.2m Width 1m
Plumbago auriculata

Evergreen shrub that can be grown as a single specimen in a mixed shrub border or as a fast growing hedge. Pale- to mid-green foliage is covered in spring / summer & autumn with soft sky-blue flowers. A tough old survivor that can be cut back hard annually if needed.
Both blue and white flowered forms are available.

Height 3-5m Width 2-3m
Rhagodia spinescens

Indestructible spreading shrub for any position from full sun to inhospitable dry shade. Soft textured silvery-green foliage mounds that can be trimmed into shapes and hedges.

Height 1m Width 1.5m
Rosemary officinalis 'Tuscan blue'

Durable and always attractive form of Rosemary with deep-green scented foliage. Grows into an attractive upright and rounded shrub with deep-blue flowers starting in the hottest part of summer through until mid-winter.

Height 1.2m Width 1m
Rosemary officinalis - prostrate form

The prostrate form of Rosemary makes an excellent groundcover in full sun. Aromatic dark green foliage is covered in light-blue flowers throughout the year and can be used in cooking. Will cascade down retaining walls

Height 0.3m Spread 1m
Ruta graveolens 'Jackmans Blue'

A strong scented 'herb-type' shrub with finely disected foliage of an unusual blue-green tint. Any hot & dry position will produce a compact shrub topped with bright luminescent yellow flowers in the middle of the heat of summer.

Height 0.5m Width 0.5m 
Salvia leucantha

(Mexican Sage) A small, bushy & spreading sub-shrub long grown for its prolific flowering and soft felted foliage mounds. Light-green foliage smothers this indestructible plant which grows happily in almost any situation. From winter through summer small downy white & purple flowers produced needing only an annual trim to keep tidy.

Height 0.3m Width 0.9m
Salvia microphylla 'Margaret Arnold'

A small leaved and rapid growing shrub producing deep pinkish-red flowers for up to 9 months. Can be used as a hedge.

Height 1.5m Width 1.5m
Salvia 'Anthony Parker'

Attractive soft-felted triangular shaped foliage on a medium sized branching shrub. From mid-summer masses of dark flower buds form over the bush opening to a rich blue in Autumn. The display lasts well into winter. This is a very tidy and attractive salvia.

Height 1.2m Width 1.2m 
Salvia 'Indigo Spires'

A soft stemmed form of salvia with a very attractive habit. The distinctive appearance is unlike many other salvias. The branching stems are purple-tinged and grow to about 4ft and these are shown off well by the soft light green foliage. This sterile shrub is almost always in flower with deep violet-blue flower spikes growing almost 40cm long. Very showy.

Height 1.2m Width 1.0m
Santolina chamaecyparissus

(Lavender cotton) Compact rounded shrub with silver aromatic foliage. Responds well to regular clipping to keep tidy. Small butter-yellow flowers on fine spikes held above the clump.

Height 0.5m Width 0.5m 
Tagetes lemonii

The tree marigold is a strong citrus scented shrub with dark-green filigree foliage to around 1-1.5m tall. From mid-summer and throughout winter it is clothed entirely in bright orange-yellow flowers. A very bright splash of colour when little else is in flower.

Height 1-1.5m Width 1.0m
Teucrium fruticans

Upright shrub with unusual 'twiggy' structure covered in soft silver-blue foliage. Light blue flowers in late-summer and again in spring. Best treated as a clipped speciman of rounded habit; or as a quick growing hedge.

Height 1.5m Width 1.5m
Teucrium marum

Small compact shrub. Silver aromatic foliage topped by bright pink flowers throughout spring & early summer. Can be clipped into a tidy low hedge or small clumps.

Height 0.3m Width 0.3m
Westringia fruticosa 'Wynyabbie Gem'

The hardiest 'grow anywhere' family of shrubs happy growing in almost any condition. This variety is the tallest choice with soft grey-blue coloured foliage and small mauve-blue flowers throughout the year. Clip with shears once or twice a year to create tall structural domes or solid hedges. A fantastic survivor. Grows in sand, clay, sun or shade: anywhere.

Height 1.5m Width 1.5m
Westringia 'Jervis Gem'

As tough & adaptable as its taller cousin, the smaller cultivar has the same blue-grey foliage and soft mauve flowers but a more compact habit. Hedges and clipped domes grow to around 1m.

Height 1m Width 1m
Westringia 'smokey'

Small compact westringia like 'Jervis Gem' but this is a soft white and grey variegated leaf form creating a 'smokey' colour.

Height 1m Width 1m

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