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Aeonium arboreum

An upright, branching succulent subshrub bearing tightly packed rosettes of fleshy leaves around 20cm across. The light green leaves are gently serrated at the margins and bear large pyramidal shaped, bright yellow flower clusters in late spring.

Height 1.3m Width 1m
Aeonium arboreum 'Zwartkop'

This cultivar is showy for the very rich almost black-purple leaves. Young growth is often tinged with green centres but ages increasingly to the dark tone. A very attractive succulent in a pot or as a specimen planting in a mixed bed.

Height 1m Width 0.7m
Agave americana

Large succulent producing basal rosettes of spreading, lance-shaped, spine-tipped and spiny-margined, grey-green fleshy leaves to around 4-5 feet. A great showy specimen for the right spot.

Height 1.5m+ Width 1.5m+ 
Agave americana 'Marginata'

As big & broad as its parent, this variety has pale-yellow margined leaves.

Height 1.2m+ Width 1.2m+
Agave americana 'Mediopicta'

Fleshy & spikey like all A. americana, this form has a broad, pale white central band along each leaf. Does not tend to sucker as freely as the other forms.

Height 1.2m+ Width 1.2m+
Agave attenuata

An extremely attractive succulent with a thick trunk, often branching at the base. The branches are topped by rosettes of pale green, fleshy leaves without any spines. Thrives in pots or in-ground.

Height 1m Width 1m
Cotyledon macrantha

Broadly rounded, thick fleshy green leaves on this shrubby succulent make this plant an attractive addition to any garden. Intense leaf-edge colouration occurs when the plant is grown in poor soil conditions. In summer soft apricot-orange coloured flowers emerge above the foliage mound.

Height 0.5m Width 0.5m
Cotyledon orbiculata

This shrubby succulent with thick fleshy, silver coated leaves is hard to beat for its adaptability and appearance. The hotter & dryer the conditions the more silver the appearance with red margins of the foliage becoming more obvious. In autumn and again in spring, tubular apricot to orange coloured flowers are produced on upright stems above the foliage. It loves the sun but will also grow in shade.

Height 1m Width 0.5m
Crassula arborescens

A shrubby succulent with branching stems topped with rounded greyish green leaves with red margins. Grows into a nicely rounded shrub and is happy in beds or pots.

Height 1m Width 1m
Crassula perfoliata var. minor

Erect perennial succulent with fleshy stems and thick , triangular shaped curving grey leaves around 10cm long. Star-shaped, scented pinkish-white flowers to 1cm across are borne in late summer.

Height 0.6m Width 0.7m
Echeveria glauca

Long suffering, easy to grow, rosette forming succulent with pale bluish-green leaves carpeting the large pots or open ground in which they grow.

Height 0.2m Width 0.6m
Echeveria elegans

Soft textured clump-forming succulent with rounded rosettes of pale whitish-blue green leaves, sometimes with red margins. Lovely in pots or a mixed succulent planting.

Height 0.2m Width 0.4m
Echeveria 'Violet Queen'

Attractive rosette forming succulent with pale blue-green leaves with a distinctive violet-pink tip on the foliage. Perhaps not as vigorous as E. glauca.

Height 0.2m Width 0.3m
Echeveria 'Waves'

An unusual hybrid succulent forming small clumps of blue-green foliage with a distinctive wavy margins highlighted in soft pink tones. Better suited to pots.

Height 0.2m Width 0.3m
Graptoveria 'Debbie'

This hybrid succulent has attractive soft pinkish-purple foliage colours and grows into a small spreading carpet. Happy in full sun or part shade, it is long suffering and forgiving of neglect.

Height 0.2m Width 0.3m
Kalanchoe pumila

A fantastic carpeting succulent with silver-grey coloured foliage and soft purple highlights throughout the year. Growing to only 15cm tall it will gently form tap roots as it spreads and meanders around other plantings. The soft pink flowers are held in short stems above the foliage throughout the year. This succulent needs no maintenance whatsoever.

Height 0.15m Width 1m
Kalanchoe blossfeldiana

Dark-purple to green coloured foliage on this small shrubby succulent are topped by deep red flowers in late winter and early spring.

Height 0.3m Width 0.3m
Sedum acre

A matt-forming evergreen succulent with stems densely clothed in overlapping pale green leaves. Small star-shaped yellow-green flowers are produced in abundance over long periods in summer.

Height 0.1m Width 0.6m
Sedum acre 'Aureum'

Spreading as with S. acre, this variety has bright yellow leaves year round and will cover a large area in full sun.

Height 0.1m Width 1m+
Sedum clavatum

A small mound forming succulent with very attractive elongated leaves rounded at the ends. A soft silvery-sheen in colour they are sometimes coloured with a hint of pink at the tips.

Height 0.15m Width 0.3m
Sedum sieboldii

A spreading, clump-forming deciduous succulent with whorls of 3 rounded glaucous-green leaves up the stems. With a trailing habit this plant looks great cascading down retaining walls or over the edge of pots. In summer, masses of soft-pink star shaped flowers are formed on the tips of the stems.

Height 0.1m Width 0.4m
Sedum spectabile 'Autumn Joy'

Very showy upright, clump-forming succulent producing thick fleshy stems clothed in soft-toothed fleshy mid-green leaves. From small protruding rosettes in winter the plant quickly emerges to reach its ultimate flowering in late-summer and throughout autumn. The Soft-pink flowers, loved by butterflys, slowly fade to a deep brick-red colour. Tough as old boots.

Height 0.4m Width 0.4m
Sedum spectabile 'Iceberg'

Pale-green leaves distinguish this variety from S. 'Autumn Joy', but the growth habit remains the same. Large clusters of pure-white flowers top this succulent in late summer.

Height 0.4m Width 0.3m
Sempervivum tectorum

A mat forming succulent with open rosettes to 10cm across with bristle tipped, blue-green leaves to 4cm long, often red tipped. Will grow in virtually no soil and is extremely tolerant of most conditions.

Height 0.15m Width 0.5m
Senecio serpens

(Syn Kleinia repens) A shrubby, spreading succulent with semi-erect, fleshy, blue-frosted leaves around 5cm long. Will happily grow in and around almost any planting and is extremely tough. Can be cut back hard if needs be and will regrow without any attention. In summer short flower spikes are topped with pale yellow-white flowers.

Height 0.15m Width 1m

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