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New Developments

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Time for a change...

Change is constant at Nobbies View. Each day; each season; each year we attempt new things. Some work... some don't!

We've changed so much in the twenty-five years since the nursery first opened. Our first visitors wandered about a few lines of pots and thought it a quaint idea, but each season things changed and we grew confident and more excited about the future direction of the nursery.

Our new plans for the coming Autumn see a major change in our gardens. We have just dug-up twenty years of old stock beds in preparation for a series of new inter-linked gardens comprising restful grass platforms, thousands of perennials and a garden-party area overlooking the waters of Western Port Bay.

This is the first stage of our new perennial garden development... the layout.

I'm really looking forward to planting it out over the next few months. 

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